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Tourist Can Gio Mangrove

Located in the World Biosphere Reserve, Can Gio mangrove forest takes visitors to the holy land with its ancient trees, lush widespread and abundant. Focus rare wildlife living large.

Now you do not need to be not to visit the Biosphere Reserve of mangroves. Earlier this forest is a fauna and flora is very rich, but in the war of toxic chemicals have been completely destroyed. In 1978, the government decided to restore this precious landscape. To date, the evaluation of the foreign experts, the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve of the best Vietnam and around the world. On 21/01/2002, this forest was MAB / UNESCO biosphere reserve Vietnam's first network of 368 destinations in the biosphere reserve of the world. With a total area of 75 740 hectares, Can Gio forest is an ideal place to serve the purpose of scientific research, ecotourism and leisure travelers.

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